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XFL 2020: Rise and Fall

February 2023

So much time, effort and treasure were expended between 2018 and 2020 just to “reimagine football.” Most would say football was fine the way it was, and it would be silly to change it. However, when billionaire wrestling mogul Vince McMahon held the notion that he wanted to make football better, and pledged $500 million to make it happen, the gears started to turn.

This story is about the path of the new XFL and the many successes of the league, including the people, coaches, players, and fans, leading up to and including the league’s first season in 2020, and then the eventual and catastrophic shutdown of league operations, triggered by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Yada, Yada, Yada: The Seinfeld Lexicon

October 2019

The love of Seinfeld causes people to make reference to words, phrases, characters, sentences, and situations that they have seen on Seinfeld. Like Jon Voight’s tooth marks on Kramer’s forearm, the Seinfeld lexicon is deep and long-lasting. This collection has over four-thousand examples of words and phrases that were revealed as a part of Seinfeld, and are still part of a vernacular used by Seinfeld fans worldwide.

Jackspeak of the Royal Canadian Navy: A Glossary of Naval Terminology (2nd ed.)

Jackspeak of the Royal Canadian Navy: A Glossary of Naval Terminology (2nd ed.)

October 2018

From aback to ZizEX, the second edition of Jackspeak of the Royal Canadian Navy gives readers a chance to fill their boots with the colourful language of Canada’s senior service. Learn the difference between duff and no duff, box kickers and gut robbers, Nelson’s blood and Neptune’s dandruff, and the mess mom and the old man. Newly revised and expanded.

Festivus! The Book

Festivus! The Book

July 2015

A humorous guide to the wackiest holiday introduced to modern society. Festivus! The Book is an up-to-date complete reference for anyone who celebrates Festivus or plans to join the fun. Learn all about the traditions of a Seinfeld-based Festivus and witness the nuances of the original Festivus, as celebrated by the O’Keefe family. See first-hand how Festivus is celebrated by others and receive plenty of advice and tips to aid in your own Festivus party plans.

Whiskey 601

April 2015

A wide expanse of ocean just seaward of Vancouver Island, Whiskey 601 was the place the Canadian Navy went to stretch its muscles among the high Pacific rollers. In the summer of 1983, Leading Seaman Matt Petersen regarded “Whiskey” as an awful place on the chart that was dreadfully distant from the girl he loved. Everything changed when he became embroiled in a cold war mishap, which lead Matt to understand how the perceived enemy was simply a sailor, just like him.

Winnipeg’s Navy – The History of the Naval Reserve in Winnipeg 1923-2003


There have been many great moments in the history of the Winnipeg Naval Reserve Division. In many ways, the history of CHIPPAWA reads like a family history. Also, just like a family,
there have been many “characters” that have made their way through our division. In the past, historical references have dwelled upon the famous and high-ranking individuals.