The Pacific Northwest

Oregon Coast with Haystack Rock in the background

It’s time for a road trip, and this summer I plan to target the US Pacific Northwest.

There are so many places I’d like to visit and I’m about to strike a few lines off my bucket list such as Yellowstone, Mount St. Helens, the Oregon Coast and San Francisco

I will be gone for 17 days and the trip is about 8000 kilometres. I plan to take tons of photos and videos and post them here on this blog.

Once the trip starts you can follow along if you wish.

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  1. Tulsi

    Nice pictures – brigns back memories of my youth in the Pacific Northwest…. BTW, did you put the pair of Mt. St. Helens pix side-by-side on purpose – I was able to draw the thumbnails together while free viewing into stereo. I had to tilt my head just a little to correct the framing. I see a little smoke coming from the summit area too.

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