Cody Wyoming, the “Rodeo Capitol of The World”

During the summer, they have a rodeo here in Cody, Wyoming every night of the week. If that doesn’t make you the “Rodeo Capitol of The World” I don’t know what does.

It is a good show, meant for families and catering to tourists. The clowns were funny and they seemed to take pleasure in making the bulls chase them.

I spent the evening Taking action shots of the event.

If you find yourself in Cody, Wyoming check out the Cody Night Rodeo. I recommend it.

Red State Blues

They sure don’t like Obama over here. Even the rodeo clown was taking potshots at him!

Hot and Stormy Montana

The first day of this trip brought many things. Weather wise the day was marked by hot temperatures, but punctuated by a severe storm near Terry, Montana.

As I passed Terry, the outside temperature reading on my dash went from 33C to 19C in about 3 minutes and the sky?ahead was real?dark and weird looking.

Ahead on the Interstate I saw lines of rain crossing the highway and a black twister forming as it crossed from left to right. I pulled over and took this photo: of the twister moving off to the right:


After the twister moved off into the field I got back on the highway. The rain was now very heavy and I put my iPhone on record and placed it on the dash.? As I rounded the next corner I saw this:

It seemed like this had?just happened, and I am thinking he may have been pushed off the highway by the twister! I pulled over to see if?I could help, but the truck driver seemed okay.? He quickly? jumped in another semi truck that had also stopped, so I cautiously continued on my way.

I continued on my way to Miles City without incident.

Oil Oil Everywhere

When passing through the Williston, NDC area there were oil derricks everywhere, and many more were under construction.? It looks like they are building many different pipelines as well.?It is really booming there.


North of Williston, ND?I passed a huge dirt field with about 200 ATCO trailers parked. The sign said “ATCO Lodge”. Nice!? I assumed that is where a bunch of the oilfield workers were living.

Check it out:


Tomorrow, I plan to leave early and visit the Litttle Bighorn Battlefield site which is just south of here.? Afterwards I will drive to Cody, Wyoming where I will spend the night.