Joliet Correctional Center


Today I drove from Chicago to St. Louis. The weather was very poor with rain, snow, sleet and hail being the four types of precipitation that I saw along the way. The temp never got higher that 4C the whole trip. In looking on the Internet I see that the weather has been much better back up in Winnipeg than it has been down here in the Midwest. However, tomorrow it will likely start to get nicer down here.

One of the places I visited today was the Joliet Correctional Center. In fact it was just a few miles off the freeway from Chicago to St. Louis.

This prison has been closed since 2002, however most recently it has been used for the first season of the TV show “Prison Break”. My remembrance of this location is a scene from the movie “The Blues Brothers” where “Joliet Jake” is freed from this very prison.

Today, it was quiet at the prison. There were no tours offered. However there is a road that goes right past the prison and there is a great place where you can pull over and take a few photos.


I couldn’t resist taking a self-photo in front of the prison.

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  1. craig edwards

    Hey Mark,

    Thanks for your travelogue so far and glad you stayed on the outside of those prison walls.

  2. geert


    so you were on ‘a mission from God ‘ too!

    The movie ‘the blues brothers’ was for me the reason to drive along “1060 west addisson drive Chicago Ill” (better known as the residence of one mr Elwood Blues) WRIGLEY FIELD!

    greetings from Holland,

    Geert van Dijk

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