Travelling the Mississippi Midwest

I am heading out on a road trip through the middle of the USA. My travels will take me through Minneapolis to Chicago where I am on a work related course for 4 days. After the course is complete I plan to travel south from Chicago, down the Mississippi valley to St. Louis and Memphis. Afterwards I plan to turn north and return to the Canada.

The weather should be good and warm down south. Yesterday it was 23C in Memphis, which will make it feel Lorraine Motel - A Key Part of the Civil Rights Museumdamn hot compared to Winterpeg.

Some will recall that I visited Nashville, Tennessee last autumn.  While I was there I loved it so much that I got the idea that I should also make a trip to Memphis, and see the “Blues/Rock and Roll” version of Nashville.  Of course I plan to visit Graceland while I am there, but I am also looking forward to visiting the Sun Studios, where Johnny Cash and Elvis first got their big breaks, and the Civil Rights Museum; the latter encompasses the Lorraine Motel, the site where Martin Luther King was assassinated as it is preserved in its original 1960s format.

Other locations I plan on visiting while I am down south:

  • Minneapolis: Mall of America
  • Chicago: John Hancock Centre, Navy Pier, The House of Blues, Second City
  • St. Louis: Gateway Arch, St. Louis Zoo

We’ll see what else comes up to visit while I am there!  I will be connected to the net while I am travelling and will be updating this blog as time and resources permit.

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  1. Mike Poitras

    hey dude! I didn’t even know you were going on holidays. Must be nice!

    Here’s another location to visit if you have time – Joliet State Prison just outside of Chicago. It was used in the Blue Brothers Movie.

    When do ya get back – not any time soon I hope!

  2. Marie Beatty

    Very cool, Mark!! Thanks for keeping us posted. Hope you enjoy your trip!

  3. Mark Nelson

    Thanks for the comments. Mike I am away for two weeks and will return to the College on 21 Apr. Cheers.

  4. Gordon McBean

    Wow what a trip! It’s great when you can combine a business trip with some site seeing.


  5. Carl Kornago

    Hey mark, I just returned from minneoplis on Sunday April 6. I was at the mall of america on Saturday April 5. I was on a bus tour so did not have to navigate those freeways. 🙂

  6. craig edwards

    Hey Mark,

    Thanks for the update on your travels. It’s great the way you have incorporated various technologies. I will be checking on your progress. If you go to the prison Mike P mentioned in his comment, make sure you can get out!! Bon voyage!

  7. Kristen Long

    Great idea, Mark. Wow, I had no idea the mall was that big or that ‘parkade’ was Canadian. Enjoy your trip and drive safe! 🙂

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